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Revolutionizing the electric industry and improving customer experiences with a unique deposit solution.

Deposit Alternatives provides innovative deposit solutions that benefit electric companies and address the evolving expectations of their customers

The Deposit Alternatives Plan

Our Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP) offers electric company customers the choice of a smaller, nonrefundable charge - usually 50% of a traditional deposit - at activation and guarantees reimbursement to utilities if a DAP-enrollee customer defaults.


Deposit Alternatives supports Enertgy Mississippi Residential Customers

Deposit Alternatives announces the successful launch of a new program within Entergy Mississippi that supports a lower cash or liquidity option for qualifying new residential customers. 

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The Deposit Alternatives Plan means long-term success for the electric industry


Customers expect exceptional experiences from businesses, regardless of the industry. The electric industry is no exception.

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Your Customers' Expectations
Have Changed

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Deposit Requirements Are
A Terrible First Impression


Deposits are the leading complaints to Public Service Commissioners.


Offering a deposit choice creates a better customer experience during service activation.

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Customers Expect A Choice In
Meeting Their Obligations 

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Nearly 1 Out of 2 Customers
Select DAP When Offered A Choice.


On average, one-half of customers choose DAP when offered a choice of a conventional deposit or a lower-cost, non-refundable deposit, like DAP.

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“I’m really grateful an offer like DAP was available for our family. I don't know what we would have done otherwise.”

Customer comment provided during an electric utility's annual survey.

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Want to learn more?

Learn how DAP can assist low-income customers and improve your service activation process.

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