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Industry Highlight: "Comfort & Mercy” hand sanitizer is born with the help of Entergy!

From distilling spirits to making hand sanitizer, companies like Entergy and Cathead Distillery are working together to make a difference in peoples lives!


Here at Deposit Alternatives, we love the way Entergy is thinking outside the box to make a positive contribution to their communities during these uniquely difficult times.

In an effort to ensure their staff remains safe and available to aid the public during this crisis, Entergy associates has partnered with a local distillery, Cathead Distillery, in the manufacturing of hand sanitizer called 'Comfort & Mercy'.

Through the formation of resourcing and logistics teams, Entergy has helped source the material and distribute sanitizer to those who needed it most in the New Orleans area. The team researched and ordered bottles and bottling supplies; designed, printed and affixed labels, and created a streamlined process to repackage and distribute individual bottles of sanitizer to fellow employees.

In fewer than six days, the logistics team produced 1,420 refillable bottles of hand sanitizer that were distributed to more than 450 employees working in transmission asset management and distribution operations in the Crescent City.

So far, Cathead has made 42 tons of hand sanitizer, much of which has gone to Entergy’s nuclear plants, its transmission division and other functions throughout the company’s service area in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. The distillery is also supplying the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

To learn more about Entergy's partnership with Cathead Distillery, visit their website here.


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