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Helping Customers Through Times of Crisis

It should come as no surprise that businesses everywhere are bracing for economic shifts. While some may believe utilities are immune from the effects of an economic downturn or recession, many utility companies have concerns over the health of their customers we well and their long-term financial viability.

Around the country, many workers are suffering financially, either from layoffs and furloughs, salary adjustments, or reduction in work hours. While most utilities have programs and solutions to address these situations and protect existing customers from service terminations, a growing gap or void exists for those looking to reactivate services following a disconnection or relocation.

Based on our long-standing partnerships with utilities, Deposit Alternatives has developed the Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP) to assist those customers faced with mounting financial setbacks. Our DAP offers utility customers the choice of a smaller, nonrefundable charge at activation in place of the traditional utility deposit.

What this rapidly changing environment means for the consumers long term outlook remains uncertain. By leveraging creative alternative solutions, utilities can effectively navigate and respond to today's shifting landscape and the needs of customers

To learn more about our Deposit Alternative Plan, please email

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