• Rob Samuels

Understanding You Customers Unique Challenges

With unprecedented unemployment, utilities are facing the possibility of a higher percentage of customers seeking assistance and support programs.

While most utilities have already taken the first step by announcing a pause in service disconnections and flexible payment plans, many are looking to further extend their community support programs by offering a Deposit Alternative Plan.

What is the Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP)

Our Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP) offers your customers the choice of a smaller, nonrefundable charge at the time of activation. DAP also guarantees reimbursement to utility in case of their default.

The demands facing our communities during this time are unique, and utility customer service teams are rising to meet these additional challenges.

Customers are watching to see how companies will respond to their varying needs. Those that show empathy and creativity to support their communities will emerge as tomorrow's leaders.

To learn more about our Deposit Alternative Plan, please email rsamuels@depositalternatives.com

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