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Deposit Alternatives is an industry leader, providing innovative deposit solutions that improve customer experience.

Deposit Alternatives - Logo2
Deposit Alternatives - Logo

The Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP) paves the way for utilities to increase customer satisfaction and reduce bad debt by:

Up to        %


Offering customers a smaller, non-refundable charge at activation

Deposit Alternatives - Customers

Typically, 50% of the traditional deposit

Guaranteeing reimbursement to utility companies against defaults

of traditional deposit amount – reducing write off amounts

Easily integrating into existing systems and simple administration.

Deposit Alternatives - No Data

No confidential data required - No real-time information exchange

Deposit Alternatives - Choice

Offers a choice to customers where none previously existed

Deposit Alternatives - Out of Pocket

Provides lower out-of-pocket cost to activate service

Deposit Alternatives - Lower Costs

Offers an appealing option for those facing non-routine costs, such as moving and other deposits

Deposit Alternatives - Customer Satisfaction

Increases customer satisfaction

Deposit Alternatives - Options

Provides an alternative while increasing your deposit security

Deposit Alternatives - Reimbursement

Reduces bad debt by reimbursing utility up to 125% of traditional deposit

Deposit Alternatives - T&C's

Preserves existing cancellation, termination and collection procedures

Deposit Alternatives - Collections

Reduces reliance on 3rd party collections

The Benefits of the
Deposit Alternatives Plan

 - For Customers - 

 - For Utilities - 

Contact us today to learn how DAP is good for utilities and great for customers!

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