Deposit Alternatives is an industry leader, providing innovative deposit solutions that improve customer experience.

The Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP) paves the way for utilities to increase customer satisfaction and reduce bad debt by:

Up to        %


Offering customers a smaller, non-refundable charge at activation

Typically 40% to 50% of the traditional deposit

Guaranteeing reimbursement to utility companies against defaults

of traditional deposit amount – reducing write off amounts

Easily integrating into existing systems and simple administration.

No confidential data required - No real-time information exchange

Offers a choice to customers where none previously existed

Provides lower out-of-pocket cost to activate service

Offers an appealing option for those facing non-routine costs, such as moving and other deposits

Increases customer satisfaction

Provides an alternative while increasing your deposit security

Reduces bad debt by reimbursing utility up to 125% of traditional deposit

Preserves existing cancellation, termination and collection procedures

Reduces reliance on 3rd party collections

The Benefits of the

Deposit Alternatives Plan

 - For Customers - 

 - For Utilities - 

Contact us today to learn how DAP is good for utilities and great for customers!

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