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Easy Integration & Management

The Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP) integrates easily into existing systems and requires no confidential data or real-time information exchange.

Ready to transform your service activation process with the Deposit Alternative Plan?

The Process

It all starts with our Historical Data Request.  In order to model the impact DAP can have on your business we'll need at least 5 years of customer activations, with a maximum of nine fields for each record, as outlined in our Historical Data Template File 


Historical Data Review

Once we’ve received this data, we'll complete our analysis and schedule a meeting to review the findings. Even if you don’t choose to implement DAP, our analysis provides valuable insights into your deposit environment. 


Analysis Review

The Deposit Alternatives Plan requires minimal or no changes to your established billing, termination, or collection procedures.


CIS Integration

Once enabled, the customer is offered a choice at the time of service activation: DAP, a lower non-refundable charge, or a traditional refundable security deposit.


Deposit Choices

Your team collects either the traditional security deposit or the DAP charge through the same process.  There are no extra or alternative steps required!


Collect DAP Charge

New DAP enrollees and defaults are shared monthly through one simple form. If a DAP enrollee defaults, Deposit Alternatives reimburses up to 125% of the traditional deposit amount.


Monthly Data Sync

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