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Entergy - A New Look, A Renewed Commitment

This month’s industry spotlight focuses on Entergy’s new, refreshed brand look, which signifies ”a renewed commitment to customers, employees, and the communities served.”


As part of the ‘new’ Entergy, rollout plans include an integrated customer service organization to deliver positive experiences for customers through open and timely communication.

The company released the video below online to further highlight the changes customers should expect in the coming months as this initiative rolls out.

With the new look comes a renewed commitment to improving communication.

"Within our company, we are using continuous improvement tools to advance processes, products and services. Our new look and logo is more than a new visual identity. It signifies our commitment to improve how and when we communicate, so that you have more timely, clear and engaging messages that give you the information you need to make better decisions for your family or business."

Entergy's new look underscores their teams' commitment to "always listen, so that we can continue to better serve, better support, and better build the future, together."

To learn more about this new visual identity and Entergy's recommitment to their communities and customers, visit:

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