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Spotlight on Good: Entergy and the Montgomery County Food Bank

In our mission to highlight those who support their communities, we are fortunate to be backed by a community of dedicated partners. Today, we shine a spotlight on one such contributor: Entergy.

Entergy's Generous Contribution

We are thrilled to recognize Entergy for its outstanding commitment to the Montgomery County Food Bank. As a Gold Level Hunger Hero, Entergy has generously donated $75,000. This significant contribution translates to providing up to 300,000 meals for our neighbors in need. Such acts of generosity play a pivotal role in ensuring that every individual in Montgomery County has access to nutritious meals.

The Impact of Hunger Heroes

Hunger Heroes are the backbone of the community's efforts to eradicate hunger in Montgomery County. Their unwavering support, both financial and moral, empowers their volunteers to reach out to more families and individuals, ensuring they don't go to bed hungry. Entergy, with its Gold Level contribution, stands as a testament to what businesses can achieve when they prioritize community welfare.

Join the Ranks of Hunger Heroes

Inspired by Entergy's commitment? You, too, can make a difference. The Montgomery County Food Bank offers a 'Menu of Giving' that allows donors to choose how they'd like to direct their contributions throughout the year. Whether you're an individual or a business, there's a level of giving that suits your capacity. From Diamond to Bronze, each Hunger Hero level comes with its own set of benefits, ensuring that your generosity is recognized and celebrated.

To learn more about how you can become a Hunger Hero and make a lasting impact in Montgomery County, visit their website.

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