The Deposit Alternatives Plan easily integrates into existing systems and is simple to administer.

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DAP accommodates existing customer management processes and systems, requiring no confidential data or real-time information exchange. The administration of DAP is managed by two simple reports and two ACH payments per month.

Send an enrollment report for all new enrollees. No confidential information required.

Step 1:



Deposit Alternatives - Enrollment

Send one ACH payment for all new DAP enrollees.

Step 2: Enrollment


Deposit Alternatives - Fees

Send the default report for all defaulting DAP enrollees.

Step 3:



Deposit Alternatives - Report

It's really that easy!

That's it!

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That's it!


Deposit Alternatives sends reimbursement for defaulting DAP customers - up to 125% of your traditional deposit amount! 



Deposit Alternatives - Reimbursement

Deposit Alternatives offers implementation assistance,  providing internal education, sample scripts, FAQ's, and other supporting documentation to make DAP enrollment easy for utility service representatives and customers alike. 

Contact us today to learn how DAP is good for utilities and great for customers!