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Reshaping the Future of Service Activation Deposits

Our Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP) offers your customers the choice of a smaller, non-refundable charge at activation and guaranteed reimbursement to electric companies and utilities against customer defaults.

A Better Customer Experience Begins With Deposit Choices.


The Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP) significantly enhances your customer experience during service activation while offering a powerful tool to reduce bad debt.

We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

The Deposit Alternatives Plan

Learn how the Deposit Alternatives Plan can enhance customer experience, support low-income customers, and drive innovation within your electric or utility company.

We understand the unique challenges faced by electric companies in both regulated and deregulated states. Our solutions are tailored to meet these needs, focusing on departments managing customer experience, innovation, and service activation

Committed To A Changing Industry


DAP Supports 

In regulated markets, the Deposit Alternatives Plan (DAP) supports low-income families, ensuring they have access to essential services. We believe in creating a more inclusive and supportive electric service landscape.

Regulated Markets


In deregulated markets, the Deposit Alternatives Plan (DAP) provides a competitive edge. Designed to drive innovation and enhance your customer experience, DAP delivers a choice for customers requiring a security deposit.

Deregulated Markets


The Deposit Alternatives Plan (DAP) offers a lower-cost option for service activation security deposits. At nearly half the rate of traditional deposits, DAP provides an alternative for those most in need.

Low Income Customers


The Deposit Alternatives Plan (DAP) help you stay ahead of the curve, offering a choice to customers. With DAP, you can transform your service activation process and stand out in a competitive market.

Customer Experience


DAP can transform your company's financial health, offering a choice to customers and improving your bottom line. With DAP, you can reduce bad debt and focus on providing excellent service to your customers.

Bad Debt Reduction


The Deposit Alternatives Plan (DAP) is a customizable framework offered to select energy and utility client partners to meet your operational and customer service strategies.

Exclusive & Tailored


We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

The Deposit Alternatives Plan

Learn about the steps to implementing DAP and discover how our Plan can enhance the customer experience, reduce bad debt, and drive innovation in your company.

Insights Center

From industry trends to customer success stories, our Insights Center provides valuable updates for electric companies, utilities, and Public Service Commissioners.

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