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The future needs of utility customers require innovative planning today.

Deposit Alternatives offers a new simple, secure alternative to traditional security deposits.

Our Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP) offers your customers the choice of a smaller, non-refundable charge at activation and guarantees reimbursement to utility against customer defaults.

     % of a traditional deposit


More Choices = More Satisfaction

Deposit Alternatives - Choices

Offers choice where none previously existed and provides lower out-of-pocket cost to activate service.

Increase Your Deposit Security

Deposit Alternatives - Security Deposit

Provides an alternative while increasing your deposit security, reimbursing up to 125% of the traditional deposit.

Decrease Your Bad Debt

Deposit Alternatives - Decease bad debt

Reduces bad debt from deposit required customers.

Reduce Collection Activities

Deposit Alternatives - Reduce collections

Reduces the reliance on collections which can damage the goodwill between you and your customer.

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