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The 2023 Electric Company Customer Experience Insights Report

For many electric companies, the prioritization of operational excellence over the customer experience (CX) has been a logical choice. These services are vital—so ensuring constant uptimes and managing a dispersed workforce is mission-critical.

However, today’s electric companies are now facing a monumental shift.

As other industries accelerate their customer experience practices and insights, customers have come to expect similar levels of service from their electric company.

Customer experience (and their resulting insights) should be a top-of-mind issue for every electric company industry executive. And it is.

Read our latest ebook to learn the three most pressing insights your energy customers wish you knew and how to succeed in the face of changing expectations.

Download our latest ebook below.


About Deposit Alternatives

Deposit Alternatives, founded in 2016, is a leading innovator in the utility industry. Drawing on over seventy combined years of expertise in the utility and financial sectors, Deposit Alternative has disrupted the world of utility deposits to provide better service and greater customer satisfaction with innovative deposit solutions across the US.


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