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Hear what people are saying about Deposit Alternatives


Check out what client partners and industry leaders think about the Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP).


Interested in seeing real results?  Watch our video case study below.  

Steve Lee, Entergy

Director, Busines Services

We're getting a lot of great feedback from regulators and others about this concept of giving a customer choice as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.


This a win-win situation for us.  It's not something that has a lot of hidden tricks and traps or secrets.  The Deposit Alternatives team has been really easy to work with.



Steve Lee from Entergy shares why their team decided to implement the Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP). This message was originally recorded for the Annual Utilities Credit & Collections Symposium, held in Coral Gables, FL in March 2020 

Partner Case Study


A co-presented case study on Entergy's implementation of the

Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP).

This case study was presented at the Annual Utilities Credit & Collections Symposium in March 2020 where Deposit Alternatives was a Platinum Sponsor. This conference was developed and run by Conferences by Monticello.

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