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Developing Solutions to Match The Moment

Lower-income consumers are an important yet challenging group for every utility provider. This subset of customers doesn’t always feel confident in their knowledge of the assistance programs available. Most of these households feel they have a unique need for support that others would never understand. Research also shows the vast majority (80%) have never received a payment support or enrolled in assistance programs.

While utilities have established many programs to support their existing customer base, few choices are available for those households connecting (or reconnecting) their utility services.

Deposit Alternatives offers just that with the Deposit Alternative Plan (DAP).

DAP offers customers a smaller nonrefundable charge at the time of service activation in place of the higher traditional deposit requirement. Offering a choice to customers where none previously existed, DAP reduces out-of-pocket costs for those who need it most.

By understanding the needs and motivations of their most vulnerable customers, utilities can thoughtfully design programs that reinforce the view that they are a trusted partner within their community.

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